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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Food preferences
Can a healthy diet be delicious?

One of the key purposes of GrowFit is to show that well-prepared healthy food can be delicious. You are not going to have that feeling that you are dieting and limiting yourself to tasteless food. We have different desserts and even burgers in our menu.

Is it possible to microwave food?

Food containers are designed to be used in a microwave. Simply remove the cover and place the container into the microwave for a couple minutes.

Do you use sugar?

No, we don't use sugar. We use only natural sweeteners, such agave and honey.

Do you have desserts in your menu?

Everybody sometimes wants to eat something sweet. In order that you do not break with proper nutrition and can please yourself with something delicious, we created our healthy desserts. Our five-time meals package includes many tasty desserts, muffins, cakes, and casseroles. You are going to experience real enjoyment!

Delivery and payment
How do I choose delivery days?

When you are placing your order, you are going to have field where you choose your first delivery day and then you should select the following delivery days. Note: you can choose either Sunday or Monday and either Tuesday or Wednesday. 

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for the order in several ways, like credit card or Apple Pay when placing an order in our website.

How do I get GrowFit?

We have two possible delivery options: morning (Monday and Wednesday morning from 07:00 to 11:00) and evening (Sunday and Tuesday from 16:00 to 21:00). You can choose which option suits your schedule. 

I want my fridge to always be full. How can GrowFit help me with this?

Your fridge will be filled to the top with boxes of healthy and tasty food. You do not have to wonder everyday, "What will I eat?" The answer is simple - of course GrowFit!

Do I need to buy food or wash the dishes with GrowFit?

GrowFit provides all the meals you need for achieving your goal. Our couriers will deliver your order of balanced and varied meals in disposable containers, so you will not have any dirty dishes to wash. Therefore you can spend your time on things which are really important and much more pleasant.

How to subscribe or continue subscription at GrowFit?

The subscription process is very simple and straightforward. You can subscribe by filling in the online form on our website. If you encounter any problems, we can help you by phone or through our social media channels. When your subscription is coming close to the end date, we will inform you a few days in advance. 

Meal plan and menu
How much time would I save with Growfit?

You don't need to spend time in grocery stores, with food preparation, cooking, dishes and doing macronutrients calculations (proteins, fats, carbs) for keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Approximately all this process takes around 10-12 hours per week.

Is it possible to change a meal order through the day?

Meal orders are done by our dietitian and we do not recommend that you change the order, as this might affect your progress. The logic behind the order is simple. In the mornings our body requires a larger amount of carbs, and its number lowers towards the dinner.

Is it possible to freeze my subscription?

Yes, it is. You can freeze your subscription in your personal account.

Bonus system
How can I spend my bonus points?

You can use bonus points as a discount for your order or fully purchase a meal plan with your bonus points. One bonus point equals one euro.

Why do I need referral link and where can I find it?

You can find your referal link in your personal account. You will recieve bonus points when someone uses your referal link for their first order.